Weekly Report on ONEROOT Project

Our aim is to build a value interacting network , in which every participator can make contribution and gain benefit through interacting with the network. The main aspects of ONEROOT project will be deployed according to four core ideas, and will be landed and promoted more speedily via our existing products.

I ONEROOT Product Progress

1.1 ONEROOT One-stop Wallet


The data flow is optimized. Redundant network requests are optimized while ensuring the integrity of information; and the data caching is increased, making sure that the app can run smoothly even under a mobile network environment, without increasing the traffic load.

Optimized Usage Scenario

Before optimization, unpredictable errors could occur in the case of poor network conditions or server anomalies, but now, unknown errors or anomalies in the app will be captured and automatically resolved, and during the process, it will be unnoticeable to the users.

Optimized Usage Experience

We have done the following functional optimization for the beta version in accordance with the user feedback.

1. For frequently used functions, we have optimized them to be easier to use based on the test users’ feedback.

2. For functions that are prone to cause failure or misoperation, we have added more usage guidance.

3. For time-consuming operations, we have done a performance optimization in the code layer, increased the performance by 200% compared to the previous version.

In order to provide better product services, especially compared to the instability of the Apple audit team, we have done thermal updates to our app. Pre-downloading updates without affecting current usage is allowed in the app, as well as checking and handling the detailed information of the updates in the form of visualization.

Project Development Progress

1. Fixed iPhone X adaptation.

2. Increased data cache.

3. Optimized the frequency and response speed of data requests, increased the performance by 200% compared to the previous version.

4. Improved multi-platform compatibility.

5. Added the function of adding assets, making it convenient for users to display or hide their token assets.

1.2 ROOTREX Decentralized Exchange


At present, the trading system is based on the open source Ethereum smart contract, and an open, transparent process has been achieved, and the risk of fraud brought by centralization is completely eliminated. Funds only flow in user wallets and trading contracts, and no third parties can intervene, which enhanced the external security.

Future Plan

After the release of wallet version 2.0, global barrier-free trade can be realized with ROOTOKEN wallet. And the extensive mobility avoids the impact of regional regulation.

Project Development Progress

1. Integration Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT) on the front end and after end of ROOTREX data is carried out in order to preserve the stability of the data, such as inventory.

2. IFAT and debugging on xxxx module.

3. IFAT on the module of currency type and currency price.

4. IFAT on my order list.

5. Logic optimization of front desk js and the improvement of code reusability.

1.3 ICOROOT Investment and Financing Website

Evaluation System Version 3.0

ONEROOT has established a systematic, quantitative analysis and evaluation system. In the past six months, they have been continuously optimizing and adjusting the system, and it is now updated to version 3.0.

Community Constructing

ONEROOT will continue to refine its evaluating model and provide analysis reports to its platform users for free. At the same time, we are committed to creating a platform for the project sides and investors to communicate and interact. We hope to not only help investors gain insight into the project’s connotation, but also enabling project sides to gain core users, and then building a harmonious and win-win community atmosphere.

Project Development Progress

The official website can invest on behalf of the users and conduct METAMASK butt joint. The users can invest with one simple click after ROOTOKEN Wallet is issued, and Anonymous online communication is now already available through WESOCKET. Also, investment and disinvestment can be realized with user wallet. Currently, we are doing user management background program, which facilitates investors to check the ICO projects that they invest in.

II The Recent Activities of ONEROOT Project

2.1 ROOTOKEN Product experience invitation

As a terminal app, ROOTOKEN is an indispensable entry application for ONEROOT ecology. ROOTOKEN not only helps users manage crypto-currency assets conveniently, but also integrates ROOTREX decentralized exchange and the investment and management function of ICOROOT.

Activity Details

We invite 50 volunteers to experience ROOTOKEN multi-function digital asset management wallet! IOS users only.

Scan the QR code and fill in the registration form to participate. Participate in

After participating in the product experience and sending us your feedback and suggestions on the product, you will receive 500 RNT reward from us. Those who provide high-quality feedback can obtain extra RNT tokens according to the actual situation.

2.2 Blockchain 100 People’s Journey in China — Chengdu


Guest Speaker:

Tony Sun ONEROOT Project Initiator

Activity Background:

The activity “Blockchain 100 people’s journey in China will be held on December 16 in Chengdu. The activity is co-sponsored by BABI Finance, Sichuan Block Chain Club, Chengdu Block Chain Club, Deep Brain chain, YIYI Youhua, Blockchain Live, ALCoin and sponsored by the Molecular Group, also, Binance provides it with exclusive strategic support.