Weekly Report on ONEROOT Project 49th

4 min readDec 7, 2018


1. An Introduction on the Full Range of ONEROOT Products

Over the past year, ONEROOT has developed a package technology solution, including distributed centralized transaction technology (DCEX), R1 protocol-based distributed decentralized transaction technology (DDEX), public chain (RNC), and user terminal (Touch Wallet), etc. In order to help you gain a better understand of them, ONEROOT has prepared an introduction video. let’s take a look!

2. New Version of Touch Wallet Has been Launched

This week, Touch Wallet has released the beta iteration version: iOS1.0.2 and Android1.0.5. The updates include: 1. Support message push 2. Support Korean

Touch is a “personal digital asset management” solution well-designed by ONEROOT for users. Touch Wallet V1.0 is a user-centered multi-chain wallet that currently supports ETH and certified ERC-20 assets, and more assets and functions will access in succession. You can download the latest version of Touch Wallet on imtouch.io.

3. The Chosen Slogan in Thanksgiving Day Activity Announced

After the Slogan solicitation campaign last week, we have received replies from friends from all over the world. Thanks for your strong support and attention. We have selected 15 slogans that are most relative to ONEROOT’s concept. The chosen friends shall contact us to receive the R brand scarf and we will send you within a month.

Since its establishment, ONEROOT has been committed to technology research and development, with its products obtaining market’s recognition and community’s support. Adhering the initial concept, we will forge ahead to promote the development of the industry with technology and become a blockchain solution provider serving the world!

4. Products Progress

Touch Wallet

[Function] Integrated push notification module

[Function] Added Korean support

[Optimization] Simplified the list of alternate coin

[Optimization] Filtered invalid transfer records

[Optimization] Added automatic database updates

[Bug Fix] Ratio of alternate coin cannot update

[Bug Fix] Service crashes caused by the updates of network cost policy

5. DEX Technology Progress


[R1 Optimization] Fixed merchants user assets separation related Bug

[R1 Background] Reconstructed R1 backend user module

[R1 Background] Reconstructed transaction statistics module in R1 backend

[R1 Background] Added data export function in R1 backend



[ROOTREX WEB Function] Added the wallet addresses of the winners in the fourth round

[ROOTREX WEB Function] Added R1 API portal on the bottom

[ROOTREX WEB Bug Fix] Fixed the page flickering error when the favorite icon was quickly clicked on the transaction page

[ROOTREX MOBILE Bug Fix] Fixed the depth pool update error appearing after the trading pairs were switched

[R1 Channel Background Bug Fix] Fixed data display error

Web Commit:18

App Commit:24


[ROOTREX WEB Use Case Execution] Transaction related regression test

[ROOTREX MOBILITY Use Case Execution] Transaction related regression test on the mobile

[Channel Background Use Case Execution] Transaction related function test and regression test on Channel backend

[ROOTREX MOBILITY Use Case Execution] Non-transaction related regression test

[ROOTREX MOBILITY Use Case Execution] Non-transaction related regression test on the mobile

[Channel Background Use Case Execution] Non-transaction related function test and regression test on the backend

- About ONEROOT Project-

Upholding the concept of consensus, co-build, sharing and win-win, ONEROOT has built a distributed business engine, established a new type of collaborative relationship of cooperation and common development. Through a series of crypto asset infrastructure construction, ONEROOT helps resources (software, hardware, manpower, etc.) circulate inside and outside the industry quickly, improves the utilization efficiency and promotes the development of the entire industry. At this stage, as a blockchain technology service provider, the main goal of ONEROOT is to create a secure, transparent, open and friendly distributed cryptocurrency trading system, and return the right of trading to the community.


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