Weekly Report on ONEROOT Project (2018.06.04-2018.06.10)

R1 protocol

In order to let increasing ONEROOT fans learn more about the products in ONEROOT eco-system, the planners of the R&D department are reviewing and integrating the introdution contents of each product this week. In the near future, each product will be released in a completely new look! “Consensus, co-found, sharing, and win-win” will be just around the corner.

R&D progress

This week, ONEROOT’s program developers continued to immerse themselves in the development work. This week, R1 back-end submitted code for 120 times, ROOTREX webpage submitted code for 149 times, and ROOTREX mobile submitted code for 27 times.

Webpage front-end:

[ROOTREX WEB Features] Multilingual — English for 90%

[ROOTREX WEB Optimization] Added K-line and depth map light version configuration

[ROOTREX WEB Optimization] Now click on the gray cover outside the pop window to close the popup

[ROOTREX WEB Bug Fixes] Fixed the display errors of depth map during deep merge

[ROOTREX WEB Bug Fix] Fixed digital checkout problem when topping up/withdrawing

[ROOTREX WEB Bug Fix] Fixed MetaMask login problem caused by long-time standby

[ROOTREX WEB Bug Fix] Fixed the issue that the order list is not refreshed after the order is cancelled in the order details popup window

[ROOTREX WEB Bug Fix] Fixed occasional pending list problem caused by deep merge initialization data

Mobile front-end:

[ROOTREX MOBILE Bug Fix] Improved the exchange value adjustment button logic

[ROOTREX MOBILE Bug Fix] Fixed the page jump error after deleting wallet

[ROOTREX MOBILE Bug Fix] Fixed the price fill problem when clicking the current purchase order

[ROOTREX MOBILE Bug Fix] Fixed the digital verification issues during top-up and withdrawal

[ROOTREX ADMIN Function] Basic frame construction 70%

[R1 ADMIN Function] Basic framework build 80%


[R1 Optimization] Adjusted the Gas fees — Allocation is now Shared by Taker and Maker

[R1 Optimization] Optimized signature verification method performance

[R1 Optimization] Log centralization management

[R1 Optimization] On-chain and off-chain balance comparison to prevent failure of going on chain

[R1 function] Bulk refund processing in case of possible contract change

[R1 function] R1 management backend API interface 30%

[R1 Bug Fix] Fixed the issue that some interface messages do not have multilingual processing


[ROOTREX WEB Use Case Design] Completed transaction-related use case refinement

[ROOTREX WEB Use Case Design] Completed 95% of the non-transaction-related use case refinement

[ROOTREX WEB Script Design] Completed 70% of the automatic script design of transaction depth data batch generation

[ROOTREX WEB Script Design] Completed 10% of the web platform automatic framework build

[ROOTREX WEB Script Design] Completed 10% of the interface performance test framework build

[ROOTREX WEB Use Case Execution] Daily build of the interface automatic test

[ROOTREX WEB use case Execution] Completed 80% of the transaction related functional test Cycle1 Completion

[ROOTREX WEB Use Case Execution] Completed 90% of cycle 1 of the non-trading-related functional test

[ROOTREX MOBILITY Use Case Execution] Completed 60% of the mobile terminal smoke test

[ROOTREX Use Case Execution] Fixed 77 bug cases

ROOTREX internal test started

This week, the operation department cooperated with the R&D department and performed ROOTREX internal test. In addition to feedback bugs and give suggestions on functions, the user experience is also the focus of this internal test. It is hoped that ROOTREX will bring a new trading experience to ONEROOT fans after it is officially launched. .

As ROOTREX is still in the internal test stage, temporarily we are unable to expose important information such as interface and function. However, as the details of ROOTREX gradually improve, we will invite ONEROOT fans to visit our office to experience first!

If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to us.


ONEROOT upholds the concept of win-win, aiming to build business infrastructure based on consensus agreements, and co-build a shared economic ecological system that is more suitable to the characteristics of the digital asset era with all parties. To be more specific, ONEROOT hopes to reach a consensus among all co-builders of digital asset ecology, co-constructing an open, peer-to-peer blockchain information data platform, as well as facilitating the full circulation of the industry resources. ONEROOT also provides information, investment, trading and liquidity solutions for the co-builders by constructing digital asset infrastructures, which facilitates more external resources to enter the industry and create a win-win, sustainable blockchain economy.

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