Weekly Report on ONEROOT Project (2018.05.07–2018.05.13)

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Q: Compared to other decentralized projects, what is the advantage or special feature of ONEROOT?

A: For detailed information and description of R1 protocol, please see the latest official website of R1 protocol. (https://www.r1protocol.com/)

Q: Will there be improvement for the detail design of ONETOOR LOGO, so that it can be more compatible with the goal and mission of ONEROOT?

A: ONEROOT’s overall brand positioning has been continuously upgraded with the positioning within the industry, and the corresponding visual design (including and not limited to LOGO, APP, webpage, gifts, etc.) is also continuously upgraded. The new LOGO is expected to be published in the middle or late July. At the same time, we are also actively exploring more ways to show ONEROOT, such as the commemorative coin, mascot, T-shirt, hat and so on.

ONEROOT team will always remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. The original intention and vision will always spur us forward.

Q: When will the Asian Blockchain Lab come into service and what are the projects that are currently introduced?

A: The Asian Blockchain Lab will be put into operation after the park is officially opened, which is expected to be mid-late July. It has temporarily attracted dozens of projects in various industries. At that time, ONEROOT will invite ONEROOT fans and blockchain practitioners to visit the laboratory.

At the same time, on April 29th, Tony Sun has mentioned in the meetup that our key cooperation projects include entertainment, copyright, medical care, and green energy.

Q: Is RNT traded directly in the wallet? How to deal with the transaction processing speed issue?

A: RNT is temporarily on three centralized exchanges, namely OKex, BiYong and YEX. RNT is not traded in the wallet, and the transaction processing speed is related to the exchange, and has nothing to do with RNT.

If you refer to the processing speed of the transfer in the wallet, it depends on the situation of Ethereum network.

ONEROOT Global Journey Tianjin Stop

The 55th stop of the “Blockchain Global Journey — Let 100 Million People Know About Blockchain” initiated by Global Blockchain Amateur Alliance was once again be held in Tianjin on May 12, 2018. Tony Sun represented on behalf of ONEROOT and served as the guest speaker.

ONEROOT will run for ONT supernode

ONEROOT has been firmly convinced that using machine trust instead of traditional trust mechanisms can help build a fairer and more efficient future. The ups and downs of the past year are just a prelude to a magnificent era. Returning to the reality, the blockchain industry is like a toddler, and those projects are like isolated islands, stumbling and exploring alone. ONEROOT adheres to the concept of consensus, co-build, sharing, and win-win, promoting communication, cooperation, and resources sharing, and contributing to the development of the industry’s ecology.

The plan proposed by ONT Network is highly compatible with ONEROOT’s concept of consensus, co-build, sharing, and win-win. Therefore, ONEROOT will actively participate in the ONT Network node election, sharing its own resources and providing technical and financial support for the ONT ecosystem, as well as providing more application scenarios for it to help ONT’s application landing. In the future, ONEROOT will actively cooperate with other projects, working together to promote the popularization and development of blockchain ecology.

ONEROOT sincerely hopes to become one of the many nodes of ONT Network, and work together for a fairer and better future.

Tony Sun will attend FINWISE Summit in Tokyo and give a speech

FINWISE Summit Tokyo Station will be held on May 21–22 at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo, at which time Tony Sun, founder and CEO of ONEROOT, will attend the summit as a guest speaker.

FINWISE is one of the best and well-known blockchain summits in the industry. Numerous famous practitioners in the industry attended the event, making the summit a stage for the first presence of plenty of star projects. FINWISE Tokyo Summit will once again attract the attention of the world in late May and it is also Japan’s first grand blockchain financial summit. ONEROOT’s attendance at the summit is of great significance and will showcase ONEROOT in front of blockchain practitioners from all over the world and let more people know about ONEROOT!

Tony Sun, CEO of ONEROOT Foundation, early investor in blockchain industry, initiator of ONEROOT Project

In line with this FINWISE Summit, ONEROOT will also set up a booth at the summit to better promote ONEROOT. At the same time, ONEROOT has also specially customized the “ONEROOT commemorative coin” and designed the “ONEROOT mascot (first draft)”, which will be distributed to ONEROOT fans at the summit.

ONEROOT commemorative coin
ONEROOT mascot (first draft)


ONEROOT upholds the concept of win-win, aiming to build business infrastructure based on consensus agreements, and co-build a shared economic ecological system that is more suitable to the characteristics of the digital asset era with all parties. To be more specific, ONEROOT hopes to reach a consensus among all co-builders of digital asset ecology, co-constructing an open, peer-to-peer blockchain information data platform, as well as facilitating the full circulation of the industry resources. ONEROOT also provides information, investment, trading and liquidity solutions for the co-builders by constructing digital asset infrastructures, which facilitates more external resources to enter the industry and create a win-win, sustainable blockchain economy.

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