Weekly Report on ONEROOT Project (2018.03.26–2018.04.01)

4 min readApr 2, 2018


Smart economy

Congratulations to the first Dapp that ONEROOT launched, which has a very cool name: B-52 bomber (the first Dapp must have a resounding title).

Here we briefly introduce the Dapp. Bomber, as its name suggests, is for the airdrop operations. The perfect launch of the candy delivery activity in ONEROOT Telegram group some time ago was supported by B-52 bomber, which was also the first closed beta of it.

We all know that each transaction on Ethereum has the corresponding GAS cost. When the project party organizes large-scale airdrop activities, the cost will become a huge and non-negligible expenditure. More importantly, when the project party pays a high cost of GAS, the amount that they give to the user reduces. After all, all activities have a budget range, therefore, the more gas is consumed, the less candy is given). However, B-52 can effectively reduce the cost of GAS by about 70% by batching transactions. (If Ethereum’s single transfer requires 1 ETH as GAS, then when there are transfer requests on a large scale, the use of B-52 can reduce the GAS cost per transfer to 0.3 ETH.)

The smart contract address of B-52 is: 0xC722d6A1756825B51BC6B0a60A665BC9cEc5Cbf5

ONEROOT team classifies B-52 bomber as TO B class Dapp , so the Dapp will not have an interface open in ROOTOKEN. If you have consulting or business needs, please contact ONEROOT team in the background of our Wechat public account.

ROOTREX Decentralized Exchange

Let me briefly review ROOTREX’s development, and also introduce the features of the new ROOTREX.

Updates (in chronological order) are as follows:

1: K-chart and depth map function are now available on Rootrex

2: Rootrex page is optimized, and the UI/UE of some pages is redesigned

3: Smart contract is upgraded, and the fee collection mechanism is changed. The current fee mechanism is that 0.1% of the corresponding token received will be deducted after the order is successfully made.

4: The incorrect display issue of multiple pages is fixed.

5: Background system is upgraded, and the deployment time is shortened to less than 10 minutes.

6: Background system is upgraded, and the daily operations of the exchanges is monitored against malicious attacks

7: Multilingual version is released

8: Rootrex message prompt system is reissued

9: The adaptation problem of certain models is optimized, and now it can be perfectly adapted to Apple and most mainstream Android phones

10: Background system is upgraded and alarm message for abnormal orders is created

11: Smart contract with GAS cost estimating function is increased12:

12: When login fingerprint verification is enabled in some Android models, the interface does not display the corresponding translation according to the selected language (default English)

13: When using third-party software to modify the system font, some text in some of Android models is not aligned vertically

14: Transaction fees in transaction records are not reflected yet (the last three are in repair)

ONEROOT team’s original intention on Rootrex has never changed. Our goal is to create a decentralized exchange where users can get as good experience as in decentralized exchanges.

Recently, with ONEROOT R&D team’s major technology breakthrough, the next version of Rootrex will also reconfigure its technology architecture and will make the user experience almost equivalent to a centralized exchange. We are trying our best to truly complete our initial goals, and also provide better service to more users.


1: Various issues report during the feedback on some models have been repaired through the first test. To better improve the user experience, the second phase of the wallet is now calling for public beta (registration link: https://jinshuju.net/f /qieBZl) Welcome to apply for the test! Registration time March 30 — April 7, limited places provided! We will organize the information and officially start the beta test from April 9 — April 16. We are looking forward to receive your advice and suggestions. ONEROOT hopes to grow together with you.

2: In order to carry the ONEROOT ecosystem, the LOGO replacement solicitation continues.

3: ONEROOT global journey has conducted offline activities at Guiyang on Saturday.


ONEROOT upholds the concept of win-win, aiming to build business infrastructure based on consensus agreements, and co-build a shared economic ecological system that is more suitable to the characteristics of the digital asset era with all parties. To be more specific, ONEROOT hopes to reach a consensus among all co-builders of digital asset ecology, co-constructing an open, peer-to-peer blockchain information data platform, as well as facilitating the full circulation of the industry resources. ONEROOT also provides information, investment, trading and liquidity solutions for the co-builders by constructing digital asset infrastructures, which facilitates more external resources to enter the industry and create a win-win, sustainable blockchain economy.

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