Weekly Report on ONEROOT Project (2018.03.12–2018.03.18)

Product development


1. Added login password mechanism

In order to better help protect user security, the mechanism includes PING code, fingerprint recognition, and face recognition function; this feature is not open by default, the user can manually open in the first-level menu [my].

2. Added system notification

After the function goes online, the user directly obtains major announcements and version upgrade notifications through the APP, and the oneroot team’s operation activity announcement is added, also, the notification history message can be queried in the first-level menu [my]. At the same time, read messages and unread messages are clearly distinguished and displayed in history message to help users better manage this function.


After experiencing the first small-scale test, the new version of ROOTREX Exchange will be immediately completed. The new version is expected to be released in about two weeks. The new version will have the following improvements and breakthroughs.

1. K-chart and depth map, which are popular in the previous test, is added in Rootrex, helping users and investors better analyze the relevant transactions.

2. The transaction commissioning and transaction history pages in Rootrex have also undergone major revisions. The redesigned UI will be more reasonable in helping users perform related operations, and the problems of numerical display errors and numerical overlays that appeared in previous versions are solved.

3. Rootrex smart contract is upgraded. According to the feedback and result of the previous test, ONERTOOT technical team made a corresponding adjustment to the trading mechanism. For transactions concluded by making an order, the fee is adjusted from charging corresponding ETH in the wallet to charging the relevant fee in the token obtained in the successfully made order. After the transaction mechanism modification, the previous transaction failure in making orders resulted from insufficient ETH can be completely solved, which helps users and investors to conduct more efficient transactions.

4. Rootrex smart contract is upgraded. After repairing pending orders, the problem of incorrect value of the lock list is shown in the smart contract.

5. Rootrex background system is upgraded. The deployment time of issuing new smart contract is greatly reduced, and the time of old and new smart contract iterations in the exchange (similar to computer room maintenance in the centralized transaction) is reduced to less than ten minutes, which to the largest extent prevents investors from missing the appropriate transaction opprtunities due to smart contract upgrades, better satisfying the trading experience of users and investors.

6. Rootrex background system is upgraded. New servers are deployed to monitor the daily operations of the exchange to prevent it from shutting down caused by malicious attacks or other unexpected situations, which improves the security of the exchange, and protects the interests of users and investors.

Smart economy

1. The new economic ecosystem based on RNT will be gradually opened, and more fun DAPPs will be launched.

2. According to the plan, the smart economy will appear as a first-level menu in the ROOTOKEN APP.

3. The product planning and related designs have been in progress.

Operation process

1. ONEROOT activity

On March 12, the official Telegram group and the WeChat public account released the “Please define ONEROOT’s slogan” activity. Participators who win the prize, please @admin in the official Telegram group to send us your address and the screenshots.

2. Blockchain global journey, Chengdu Stop

On March 20, Chengdu stop of the Blockchain global journey, organized by ONEROOT and QLM will be held in Xinhua International Hotel. ONEROOT official will conduct interactive activities at the site, and participators will receive a small gift from ONEROOT.

Registration link: http://rrd.me/cPupN


ONEROOT upholds the concept of win-win, aiming to build business infrastructure based on consensus agreements, and co-build a shared economic ecological system that is more suitable to the characteristics of the digital asset era with all parties. To be more specific, ONEROOT hopes to reach a consensus among all co-builders of digital asset ecology, co-constructing an open, peer-to-peer blockchain information data platform, as well as facilitating the full circulation of the industry resources. ONEROOT also provides information, investment, trading and liquidity solutions for the co-builders by constructing digital asset infrastructures, which facilitates more external resources to enter the industry and create a win-win, sustainable blockchain economy.

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