Weekly Report of ONEROOT Project (2017.12.25–2017.12.31)

4 min readJan 2, 2018

Weekly Report on ONEROOT Project

Product Development Progress

Basic Information about ONEROOT PROJECT

We want to help investors better understand ONEROOT Project using a more understandable text. Decentralization is a subversive feature of blockchain technology that enables a direct, point-to-point interaction without centralized proxies, making high-efficiency, large-scale, decentralized proxy information exchange become a reality. In the long development process of blockchain, we ONEROOT team aims to create a blockchain ecosystem with all parties, but the currently, the threshold for internal and external resources to go into the industry is relatively high, and the overall lack of infrastructure in the industry is bound to restrain the application of blockchain ecology, so we need to start with the infrastructure to drive the development of the ecology.

There are three instrumentalized services we have built so far:

First, providing information and project analysis report on icoroot, a website focusing on investment and financing solutions. ONEROOT firstly established a systematic and quantifiable analysis and evaluation system, and after the past six months’ continuous optimization and adjustment, it has now been iterated to version 3.0. Based on this system, ONEROOT conducts sufficient and devoted investigation, and actively communicates with the project team members, and has so far written nearly a hundred professional and detailed project analysis reports to help users make better investment decisions. In addition, ONEROOT provides standardized smart contract investment and financing tools and uses smart contract to control the entire investment process, and the funds are locked in the contract, which can be checked by anyone to reduce the cost of trust. At any time before the crowdfunding deadline can investors withdraw the investment through the smart contract, which gives investors sufficient time to perceive and consider. Compared with sourcing agents that consume a lot of manpower, ONEROOT’s mode is safer, more efficient and more transparent. It helps regulate the investment process and improve the investment and financing environment in the industry.

Second, providing decentralized exchange solutions. Although the centralized transaction still accounts for the majority of market share with a better trading experience, the centralized exchange is susceptible to the hacker attack and policy control. As a result of the freehold and the control of user data, using centralized fraud means like black box operation to grab the interests of users is not uncommon under the circumstance of regulatory absence. ONEROOT data engine consists of the main contract and a series of sub-contracts, as the standard trading rules, the bottom of the main contract is fully open source; the main contract and the custom sub-contracts are open to all co-builders. Transaction data is accessed by subcontracts, aggregated and completed in the main contract. The main contract is both a platform for information exchange and an engine for data sharing. Each co-founder has the same rights and interests, and all data is shared among co-builders and can be searchable by any subcontract. By sharing their transaction data, co-builders can reap liquidity within the entire ecosystem. As the co-builders continue to increase, liquidity becomes more adequate, and the rate of return rises. As a result, all parties involved in the co-building will benefit.

Third, ONEROOT has developed a fully functioning open-source wallet ROOTOKEN. It supports the users to carry out basic operations on all ERC-20 tokens, and in the future, a variety of digital assets under different public chain will also be supported, so that users do not need to switch between multiple wallets. In addition, ROOTOKEN is equipped with digital asset smart sales contract and trading function interface, so that the users can use the information, investment and trading functions in the wallet, enjoying convenient one-stop digital asset services.

All co-builders develop consensus agreements, set up basic commercial facilities, integrate and analyze industry information, and provide tools, services and technical support for ecological development, which is a major step forward in the development of ecological health. This is a fundamental step forward in building our own infrastructure driven engine, and in the next issue of weekly report, we will share with you more about the connotation of the ONEROOT Project.

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