Rootrex in Continuous Updates, All Friends Are Welcomed to Propose Optimization Feedback

Weekly Report on ONEROOT Project (2018.08.17–2018.08.24)

1. Hot update on Rootrex 2.3.9 on August 24

ONEROOT upgraded Rootrex 2.3.9 with a hot update. The problem has been solved that deposit error accidentally reported in the first deposit when the network is sluggish. As an one-stop digital assets terminal integrating wallet and transaction functions, Rootrex supports the deposit and transfer of all tokens up to ERC20 standard. Under the supports and inspiration of all friends, ONEROOT team will continuously optimize to enhance the product user experience.

2.ROOT TALK Fourth Video Online

Our last video of ROOTALK introduced the significance of the private key and how the wallet creates and manages the private key. We believe everyone recognizes the importance of the private key and hope that you will keep it safe. Today we are going to share a super practical new skill through the fourth Rootalk video — — how to use the digital wallet to transfer and receive. Now let’s take a look!

《What? What’s exactly in wallet if not money? 》

After watching the video, presumably everyone is eager to try. Welcome to use use Rootrex meticulously built by ONEROOT team! What ONEROOT produces must be competitive products, which not only can be used as wallet, but also to trade. We look forward to your feedback!

3. On August 21 (This Tuesday), ONROOT Have Sent the Surprise Gifts for Chinese Valentine’s Day as Promised

ONEROOT has inscribed the declaration of four friends and sent the secret hash value to them, with which they can find the on-chain text on etherscan.

The picture below is the public content on-chain of ONROOT Angel — the small gray on the grass,which shows the steps to query the declaration content by hash value.

We published some of the contents on-chain, some of which were sweet and warm, and some were touching. The ONEROOT team wish that Jack shall have Jill! Enjoy every moment of the rest of our lives and believe that the world at their own true feelings.

How can we send gifts to our friends with singles left behind? We specially sent 10 “pairs of elephants toys”(which also has the meaning of “partners”in Chinese Characters). In addition to romance, there’s also parently love in the world. A friendly reminder to singles: A pet fair is coming this weekend, and there may be possibility that you can find your dog baby lost for more than 20 years.

4. Replacement of NASH Smart Contracts

At the request of the NEOWORLD project manager, NEOWORLD project will add crypto assets transaction function which supports RO transactions, so the NASH smart contract needs to be replaced. Rootrex has removed NASH/ETH, NASH/RNT trading pairs at 10:00 am on August 23, 2018, and returned the user’s NASH tokens back to the their wallet, simultaneously suspending the deposit and withdrawal.

The new smart contract of NeoWorld Cash has now been replaced. Rootrex has launched the NASH/ETH NASH/RNT transaction pairs at 2pm August 24th, 2018! Welcome to try!

In order to avoid confusion between old and new NASH tokens, investors of the original NASH tokens can re-import accounts to Rootrex to display NASH tokens of new smart contracts.

NeoWorld is a multiplayer sandbox game based on blockchain technology and a 3D virtual world collaboratively created by global users.

5. R&D progress

[R1 optimization] Add the record of client IP, equipment and other informations.

[R1 optimization] Refactor the matching code to improve performance

[R1 optimization] The processing logic for forced withdrawal events is optimized

[R1 background] Add wallet user management module

[R1 background] Add secondary verification to Key operations

[Relayer background] The Relayer earnings withdrawal process is improved

back-end commit: 29

6. Front-end:

[ROOTREX web optimization] Trading volume unit in trading page is optimized

[ROOTREX web optimization] Gas fee display of withdrawal is optimized

[ROOTREX MOBILE Optimization] Large-scale optimization of translation

[ROOTREX MOBILE Optimization] Page structure and user operation process are partially optimized

[ROOTREX MOBILE Optimization] Gas fee display of withdrawal is optimized

[ROOTREX MOBILE Bug Fix] Fix the multi-language problem of prompt text after users refuses to authorize the camera permissions

P commit:12

APP commit: 22

Weekly TEST report:

[ROOTREX background use case design] 80% of R1 background management and merchant management is completed.

[ROOTREX mobility Script Design] 100% of deposit and withdrawal script design is completed

[ROOTREX Quantitative trading and use case execution] 100% of quantitative transaction Release 1 BUG regression is completed.

[ROOTREX contract use case design] 100% of new contract forced withdrawal use case design is completed.

[ROOTREX contract use case execution] 100% of new contract forced withdrawal test is completed.

[ROOTREX mobility Script Design] 95% of Transaction-related mobile version automation test and development is completed.

[ROOTREX mobility message push] 50% of deposit, receipt and transfer function is completed

[ROOTREX mobility Script Design] 100% of transaction-related APP AIRTEST DEMO implementation is completed.

Added BUG: 10 Fixed BUG: 4

- About ONEROOT Project-

ONEROOT Project upholds the concept of consensus, co-found, sharing and win-win. ONEROOT has built a distributed business engine, established a new type of collaborative relationship of cooperation and common development. Through a series of encrypted digital asset infrastructure construction, ONEROOT helps resources (software, hardware, manpower, etc.) circulate inside and outside the industry quickly, improving the utilization efficiency and promoting the development of the entire industry. At this stage, as a blockchain technology service provider, the main goal of ONEROOT is to create a secure, transparent, open and friendly distributed digital currency trading system, and return the right of trading to the community.

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