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TNB Analysis Report

Project Overview

Crowd-founding Starting Time: 10 pm, Nov 8, 2017

Crowd-founding Ending Time: 10pm, Nov 18, 2017

Project Description:

TNB (Time new bank) is a settlement token of the value of time commodities, aiming at creating a decentralized, cross-border and price-transparent time value chain M.I.T. With regard to the commercial value of people’s time, the higher the demand, the higher the corresponding time value. The TNB project builds the underlying platform M.I.T. with the blockchain technology, which guarantees more efficient value transmission for time exporters and time consumers.

Token initial allocation plan (see white paper for details)

TNB Second-round Pre-sale Rating Report

70.6 points

I. Analysis of the Market


The time trading platform Miaoa has had its own APP, selling the time of entrepreneurs, pop stars, celebrities and artists, who have their own price charts on the app, and those in demand can buy their time. The time can be sold in hours, minutes or even seconds , and the buyers can meet with these people, asking questions or learning from them. This concept is a very novel one, in the future, it is not only physical items that are valuable, but also virtual items like online game equipment. Such time value can be sold at their own prices, and can be objectively, quantitatively presented. So the author agree with the concept of time trading platform, which maximizes the individual value in an innovative way. The author’s understanding of the time value is that individuals rely on materials to survive, and working means using their own manual labor time in exchange for money, therefore, time is the most essential resource for individuals.

The value created by every individual’s time is different. Buffett’s three-hour lunch time is worth $ 2.67 million, since people admire his investment philosophy and hope to get the true meaning of successful investment from him. On Miaoa platform, celebrities have their own fans, and they sell their own time to interact more deeply with them, which manifests the worth of every second. Sellers sell their own time, offering their own skills, knowledge, intelligence and labor force in exchange of money. And for the buyers, they get the valuable chance to communicate with people with insightful thoughts.

There are four types of users on the M.I.T platform:

1. Time sellers, who spend their own time providing services to time buyers;

2. Time demanders, who buy time products;

3. Time speculators, who buy time and wait for its appreciation so as to achieve capital gains for the purpose of investment;

4. Time asset managers, who expand the market by introducing time investors and demanders.

Project Benefits:

1. The project is settled in token using the blockchain technology. In the international time trading platform, the settlement is faster. What’s more, time providers and demanders can trade more conveniently, for there is no cross-border settlement problem.

2. Because of the transparent and irreversible features of blockchian, the celebrities’ time price and basic information are open, so the previous packaging, speculation and credit issues will be resolved. After all, in this trading platform, information fluctuates hugely, and if the information asymmetry can be eliminated, both sellers and buyers would feel better.


In the time-trading apps, entrepreneurs, pop stars, celebrities and artists have their own price charts, those in demand can buy their time, and Miaoa is the front-runner in the time-trading industry. With the use of blockchain technology, participants trade more openly on the time-trading platform, and the international settlement issue can be resolved. In terms of first mover advantage and market share, TNC project has obvious superiority. In the future, the ICORoot team will keep tracking and reporting the progress of the project.

Scoring Parameters for the Market:

Overall Score: 100 points Effective Score: 76 points

II. Analysis of the Team

Vincent Lim: Former DELL executive, data expert

Seng Peng Ang: Former international executive in GE and BDP, having a good understanding of the Asia Pacific market

Paul kang sang: Founder, CEO of the mortgage loan platform


The team members of the project are briefly described. All the team members are from the Internet industry, and the consultants are all experts from the distributed computing industry, the safe Internet of Things industry, the blockchain and big data industry and the market management industry.

The investors team includes: 1. Dfund (a digital money fund); 2. Ying Ke (a video brocast app) , whose former founder, Feng Yousheng, has been selling his time on Miaoa, and the current price is 1.44; 3. Hongtai Fund, co-founded by famous entrepreneur Yu Minhong and senior investment banker Sheng Xitai in November, 2014; 4. Langma Capital and Xuan Ya International, both are GEM listed companies and well-known domestic investment institutions. So far, Miaoa has already won millions of dollars in the A round investment.

Scoring Parameters for the Team:

Overall score: 100 points Effective score: 73 points

III. Analysis of the Technique

The technical white Paper has not been disclosed yet, so we gave it a benchmark score of 60 points, and we shall keep tracking and updating.

Scoring Parameters for the Technique:

Overall Score: 100 points Effective Score: 60 points

IV. Analysis of the Found Supervision


The funding budget has been announced, and the budget is reasonable. The internal financial management of M.I.T platform is regulated by the M.I.T Foundation set up overseas. The project team has made a public commitment that they will update the latest progress on the official website regularly, and that the financial budget will be audited by standard auditing agencies.

Scoring Parameters for Fund Supervision:

Total score: 100 points Effective score: 70 points

V. Analysis of the Profit Model

The white paper mentions that the TNB token will be recovered in the form of service charge on the MIT platform. Tokens recovered will be used for daily operation and maintenance as well as for the sharing of the eco-partners. Generally speaking, if the platform is in normal operation, and the TNB circulation continues to decrease, the trend of the price will be rising. The profitability of the trading platforms more or less rely on the income brought by service charge, because it’s clear and feasible. Therefore, the focus will be put on marketing of the platforms, and whether the platforms can be active or the token ecosystem can operate successfully will be determined by the participants’ recognition of the time value.

Scoring Parameters for Profit Model:

Total Score: 100 points Effective Score: 85 points

Investment Advice

Total Score: 100 points



1. The score is rated referring to the rating rules, and acts as a reference before making investment decisions.

2. This rating is based on the information provided or officially announced by the rating object. The rating object is responsible for the legitimacy, authenticity, completeness and accuracy of the relevant information.

3. The analysis and conclusion of this report can only be used for relevant reference and decision-making, and this report does not act as any investment advice such as buying or selling. Therefore, ICORoot does not take any consequences of the investors’ loss caused by operating in light of this report.

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