New Version of Touch Wallet Is Coming

The 66th Weekly Report on ONEROOT

(Mar.30, 2019 — Apr.4, 2019)

1. Touch Wallet Upgrade Rewards

Touch Wallet went through some upgrades and added the following functions:

● Added activity module on the homepage;

● Updated the network security module to reduce the risk of transfer;

● Improved the stability of the HD wallet.

At the same time, we also brought some rewards for our community to participate in: download the updated version of Touch Wallet to participate, in the homepage activities is where you can collect 5 cards to have the opportunity to claim your share in 10,000RNT!


1. Time: Apr. 4 — Apr. 19 Beijing Time;

2. Each wallet account has 3 opportunities per day, but you can gain two more opportunities if you share and promote the event.

3. The account collecting five different cards will get rewards which will be automatically distributed to your wallet address within three working days after the event ends.

4. If any forms of cheating are found, we have the right to disqualify the winner.

5. If there are any questions, you can join the telegram group of ONEROOT to get help.

Please note that participation in the event requires re-downloading and installing the new version of Touch Wallet. Save your seed phrase in advance to avoid any property loss.

2. Keeping Up With Mr. R

Last week we released the video of Keeping Up With Mr. R, answering the technical questions raised by our community members. If you haven’t watched yet, click the video below.

3. Marketing Activities


On Apr.8, 2019, ONEROOT held a forum with Crypto Valley and United Labs on the theme of Innovation of Crypto Exchange in APBC, to discuss IEO, the innovative model of digital asset exchanges in the first half of 2019. Zoe Xiong, head of ONEROOT operations section, participated in the roundtable discussion as a guest to discuss the new trends of exchanges and fund raising in 2019.

Upcoming Activities:

Together with CSI, a quantification team, ONEROOT will hold a meetup entitled Price Discovery X Liquidity X Assets Management — Small trends in the Process of Infrastructure Building on the afternoon of Apr.11. From industry opportunities, current hotspots to specific strategic operations, from macro-judging to specific transactions, this meetup will help participants understand the trends, opportunities and quantification trading, meanwhile, establish resources cooperation.

On Apr.12, 2019 Blockchain + Game Sharing Meetup, hosted by, co-organized by iblock Finance and ONEROOT, will be held in APBC. Zoe Xiong will attend as a guest to share the view on value that ONEROOT are providing for game ecology.

On Apr.13, the 2019 New Opportunities in Blockchain will be hosted in APBC. This conference is hosted by Daling Think Tank and Yuhu Information Technology Co. Ltd., co-hosted by Jinse Finance, C Blockchain Group, WBF, Beenews, and ONEROOT. The theme is — how the entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry explore new opportunities and break the difficulty under the bear market. Tony Sun, Chairman of the ONEROOT Foundation, will discuss the application of decentralized technology in the conference.

4. Community Building Progress

Thanks to the efforts of our colleagues in Operations Section, the ONEROOT platforms are increasingly rich in content in Chinese, English and Korean. The following figure shows our report card in March. The number of readings and the number of followers have increased significantly, meantime, community is very active. Our official staff are in 24-hour service to answer all the questions, professionally and reliably. If you have not found our community, view the relevant links at the end of the text.

[Touch Wallet Progress]

Reset xpub if the derived path changes;

Reconstructed the transfer signature logic;

Reconstructed HD wallet-related code;

Derivation Path

- About ONEROOT -

As a blockchain technology solution provider, ONEROOT has developed a range of solutions, including R1 protocol, DDEX, DCEX, public chain and user terminals, meanwhile, has provided a developer-friendly toolkit, greatly lowering the threshold of product deployment and secondary development. Upholding the spirit of open source and sharing, ONEROOT promotes infrastructure construction with product development, breaking the barriers of technology and capital. By empowering community to promote industry development, ONEROOT allows more people to enjoy the convenience of blockchain.

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BXA (Blockchain Exchange Alliance)

BXA is the world’s largest digital asset exchange alliance. With the full range of technology solutions developed by ONEROOT, BXA members from different countries and regions can share transaction data securely, continue to be compliant with local regulations, and complete settlements quickly. As a result, those members are linked together with the largest order book and deepest liquidity, being financial entities with global influence.


As a digital currency exchange with the most users in South Korea, Bithumb is one of the largest one around the world. In October 2018, Bithumb partnered with ONEROOT and launched a distributed decentralized exchange — Bithumb DEX, the world’s first decentralized exchange serving millions of users worldwide.


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