Marilyn Monroe’s Legacy to Be ‘Eternalized’ via NFT Artwork Auction

The Marilyn Monroe Estate will auction off a curated collection of non-fungible tokens titled “Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis.”

2 min readJun 1, 2021


Marilyn Monroe was an actress, singer, and model in the 1950s.

According to an announcement shared with Decrypt, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) will auction off a collection of tokenized artworks inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

ABG, a brand management company that owns the majority stake in intellectual property rights of famous American actress, model, and singer Marilyn Monroe, has partnered with Ethernity Chain “to eternalize the star’s legacy” in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They are also the official licensor of other notable figures including Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley, and more.

“Marilyn Monroe’s persona has captured the imagination of artists, creators, and art collectors for decades,” said Jim Gibb, creative director at The Marilyn Monroe Estate, in the press release. “Through groundbreaking NFT technology, her image will continue to fascinate and inspire the art community through this new medium.”

Thanks to their provable scarcity and authenticity, NFTs can serve as digital certificates of ownership, which collectors have sometimes spent millions to own . More often than not, such tokens are being sold as representations of various digital media today, including artworks, music, or video clips.

ABG’s NFT collection, titled “Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis,” will include numerous artworks created by Blunt Action, Starving AI, Aitana Basquiat, Grace Casas, Drella Drexler, Jason Ebeyer, Andre Holzmeister, Blake Kathryn, Vasya, Vincent Viriot, and Bloo Woods.

The event kicks off on 1 June,12 pm EST, and the works will be available on

“There could not be a more iconic first female celebrity to drop on Ethernity,” added Nick Rose, founder and CEO of Ethernity Chain.