ONEROOT Announces New Economic Model of RNT

5 min readJan 2, 2019


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Founded in April 2017, ONEROOT is a blockchain technology solution provider focused on the development of underlying technologies. It is committed to building industry infrastructure, breaking the application threshold of blockchain technology and facilitating more external resources to enter the blockchain industry. Over the past year, ONEROOT has successively developed a decentralized transaction protocol R1, a distributed decentralized exchange DDEX, a distributed centralized exchange DCEX, high-performance public chains RNC, a user terminal Touch Wallet and other products, which have won recognition from top international partners in the industry.

Mutual benefits and shared achievements are the consistent concept of ONEROOT, of which the core is fair and efficient transfer of value. RNT is the bridge connecting all links of the ecosystem, and therefore has a solid value base. With the rapid development of the blockchain industry, ONEROOT ecosystem continues to expand. As a result, the service targets have become more diversified, and new application scenarios have been emerging. Meanwhile, the functions and positioning of RNT have also changed. To this end, we have refined the application scenarios, clarified the relationship between supply and demand, and explained the value base of RNT from the function aspect.

Transaction Scenario

Transaction is the most mature application scenario in the blockchain industry and one of the main development directions of ONEROOT. Insufficient liquidity along with high development and maintenance costs is a challenge for all exchange operators. Guided by the concept of mutual benefits and shared achievements, ONEROOT’s trading solutions allow operators holding traffic to quickly deploy distributed exchanges, share transaction data and liquidity, meanwhile, improving transaction efficiency and greatly reducing the cost of R&D and maintenance as well as access to traffic of operators. As DDEX and DCEX bring together more and more exchanges, all participants will win through sharing.

Within the ONEROOT distributed trading system, RNT has the following functions:

(1) Stake or pay a certain amount of RNT to cooperate with ONEROOT to build DCEX or DDEX;

(2) Discounts will be obtained for using RNT to pay transaction fees (see the rules of each cooperative exchange for specific rate);

(3) After fully circulated, RNT will be used as the basic token to open trading pairs on all DDEX of ONEROOT;

(4) Holding a certain amount of RNT will allow you to apply for token listing on ONEROOT DDEX where all RNT holders will vote. Once passed, the token will start for transaction on all ONEROOT DDEX;

(5) RNT holders can participate in the vote for token listing.

Public Chain Scenario

Public chain is the underlying infrastructure that connects the ONEROOT ecosystem. For this reason, ONEROOT has developed an asset-friendly, high-performance public-chain RNC. By mapping external assets and built-in decentralized exchanges, it is possible to securely and quickly realize the registration, distribution and circulation of assets. This also, breaks the performance bottleneck of Ethereum, which greatly enhances user experiences of decentralized transactions.

RNT will serve as fuel to drive RNC operations, including:

(1) Be used as Gas when transactions are sent, contracts are executed and other operations are conducted on the chain;

(2) When trading on DEX, you can get a corresponding fee discount if you hold a certain amount of RNT;

(3) Be used as GAS fees for operations on other chains

Technical Services and Ecological Expansion

As a leading blockchain technology service company, ONEROOT can provide all-round and reliable support for the demand side. With the continuous increase of partners, the ONEROOT ecosystem will continue to expand, giving RNT a more solid value base:

(1) ONEROOT will provide technical services such as decentralized transactions to the demand side without charge. However, in order to protect the rights and interests of users, the demand side needs to stake a certain amount of RNT as a security deposit;

(2) Due to limited human resources, ONEROOT cannot provide technical services to all demand sides at the same time. Therefore, users can get priority by paying a certain amount of RNT. This part of the tokens will be directly transferred into the address of the ONEROOT Foundation and be managed by the Foundation.


As a digital business infrastructure, ONEROOT welcomes all merchants to provide services in the ecosystem. However, in order to protect the rights and interests of users, merchants need to stake a certain amount of RNT.

The benefits that ONEROOT receives in the ecological cooperation will be returned to the holders of RNT in the form of airdrops.

Metaphorically speaking, if a blockchain project is regarded as a human body, tokens are the circulation system that connects various organs, transports nutrients and transmits values. Meanwhile, the economic model is the operating mechanism of the system, which directly determines whether the project can develop healthily. How to design a self-consistent economic model is a proposition that all projects are constantly exploring. The significance of RNT is to rationally distribute relevant benefits so that value can be circulated among all participants to form a fair and efficient business collaboration model. A healthy economic model is not static. While ONEROOT is still a new project and with consideration given to the development of the ecosystem, we acknowledge RNT will face various problems. However, we believe that with the support of the community, ONEROOT team will adhere to the initial and make positive adjustments. At the same time, RNT will also play an irreplaceable role, and continuously enhance the intrinsic value with the support of global traffic.


The total amount of RNT is 400 million and there will never be further issue. Currently, RNT can be traded on dozens of exchanges around the world:



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