DeFi Daily News,September 24th, 2020

1. Bitcoin had a small rally Thursday. Meanwhile, the ether options market is giving some investors protection from decentraliz. Bitcoin (BTC) trading around $10,653 as of 20:00 UTC (4 p.m. EDT). Gaining 3.3% over the previous 24 hours.ed finance downsides, which trading range was between $10,135 and $10,736.

2. According to the ChainNews, Coin Metrics data shows that the total market value of stablecoins has now exceeded US$20 billion, reflecting the growing demand for investors to hedge risks in crypto and traditional markets under the background of the new crown epidemic. John Todaro, head of institutional research at cryptocurrency analysis company TradeBlock, said that the recent price decline of non-stable currency crypto assets such as Bitcoin is the main driving factor for the recent rise in the value of stable currency assets. Another possible reason for the surge in demand for stablecoins is the increase in investor interest in DeFi. DeFi users use stablecoins to obtain high returns from various DeFi platforms (such as Uniswap, Curve and Aave).

3. According to the news, the on-chain option agreement Opyn announced the launch of 3 new option products, namely put options based on Uniswap’s native token UNI. The expiration date is October 23 with an exercise price of $3.5. UNI’s call options. The expiration date is October 23, and the exercise price is $8. The put option of WETH will expire on October 9 and the exercise price is $330.


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