DeFi Daily News,September 18th, 2020

1. According to the ChainNews, Debank data shows that the total amount of DeFi locked up has broken through a record high, reaching 10.7 billion US dollars, of which Uniswap’s locked up volume increased by 51% today to 1.4 billion US dollars, ranking second. The total supply of tokenized Bitcoin exceeded 92,600 on Thursday, accounting for 0.42% of the total supply of BTC. The value of tokenized Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain exceeded $1 billion.

2. Bitcoin lost momentum Thursday while DeFi delirium pushes fees on Ethereum back up. Bitcoin trading around $10,920 as of 20:00 UTC (4 p.m. ET). Slipping 0.73% over the previous 24 hours, which trading range was between $10,735 and $11,052.

3. Data from Dune Analytics of the Ethereum data analysis platform shows that since June, the transaction volume of decentralized exchanges has increased rapidly. By the beginning of September, its total monthly trading volume had risen from US$1.579 billion to US$13.135 billion, a surge of 731% in three months. A large amount of traffic and assets flow from CEX to DEX, and the dominance of traditional centralized exchanges is being shaken. The rise of decentralized exchanges is inseparable from the DeFi ecology. Therefore, the second challenge for centralized exchanges is to launch products such as DeFi mining and new currency mining to retain profit-seeking players. DEX and CEX each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, the advantages and disadvantages are relative. The core driving force of CEX is to serve customers, while the core driving force of DEX is technology and mode.


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