DeFi Daily News,November 30th, 2020

2 min readNov 30, 2020


1. On November 30th, the Bitcoin price fluctuated frequently recently. It once rose to a two-year high of more than 19,000 US dollars, and fell below 17,000 US dollars several times in a week. According to OKLink data from OKLink, the mining difficulty of Bitcoin (BTC) has been increased by 8.87% to 19.16T. Last week, the price of Bitcoin dropped by 11%, because many giant whales transferred part of their Bitcoin holdings to trading platforms. As of the time of posting, the price of Bitcoin had reached $18,122. According to estimates, the current optimal transaction fee for Bitcoin is 14272 satoshis, which is approximately US$2.60.

2. According to the ChainNews, the DeFi pledge and liquidity strategy platform xToken announced the introduction of the Aave security module, allowing users to achieve one-stop AAVE Staking operations by holding the packaged token xAAVE. Compared with Aave’s native staking operation, this scheme is more convenient, has a lower gas cost, and has compound interest returns and more favorable tax policies. At the same time, xToken also introduces a mandatory governance model. Currently, xAAVE has passed CertiK audit and is deployed online.

3. The decentralized autonomous organization DXdao announced the launch of a bounty program integrating Compound on gitcoin, aiming to integrate a new feature for its Omen prediction market. This bounty program will provide the first developer with a reward of 3 ETH, as well as 0.05% of DXdao reputation tokens REP, and USD 500 worth of DXD tokens (6 months vesting period), second place Developers can get 0.05% of REP, the DXdao reputation token, and DXD tokens worth $250 (with a 6-month vesting period).


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