DeFi Daily News,December 24th, 2020

1. On December 24, according to BitUniverse market data, cryptocurrencies fluctuated greatly today. Bitcoin is currently quoted at US$22,890; a 24-hour drop of 4.16%; Ethereum has seen a large drop today, with a current price of US$568, a 24-hour drop 10.4%. XRP is currently quoted at US$0.264, a 24-hour decline of 38%; Litecoin is currently quoted at US$100, a 24-hour decline of 12%. According to the market data of Coin, the entire network broke out of US$15.76 million in one hour, or about 103 million yuan; in 24 hours, the entire network broke out of US$768 million, or about 5 billion yuan.

2. According to the ChainNews, Linear Finance, a cross-chain synthetic asset agreement, announced that it has received investment from Huobi and joined the Huobi Global DeFi Alliance. In addition to investment, Huobi has also reached a strategic partnership with Linear. The main contents of the cooperation include: 1. Linear will be the preferred synthetic asset platform for Huobi exchange users, and both parties will jointly hold more community development activities in the future; 2 After the official launch of Linear.Exchange (Linear Exchange), Linear will list the exclusive “Huobi DeFi Index”. All Linear users can use the established LUSD for index trading; 3. Linear will explore the Huobi ecosystem Chain (Huobi ECO Chain) integration; 4. Launch an exclusive pledge plan for Huobi HBTC holders.

3. According to the ChainNews, Pickle Finance, the DeFi revenue aggregation agreement, will open five Ethereum-related PICKLE liquidity pools on SushiSwap at 2:00 AM on December 24th, Beijing time, namely ETH/DAI, ETH/USDC, ETH/USDT, ETH /WBTC and ETH/YFI.


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