DeFi Daily News,December 15th, 2020

1. Bitcoin climbed over the weekend to the $19,200 territory. Looking at ether’s price as a percentage of spot BTC, it may be undervalued. Bitcoin (BTC) trading around $19,196 as of 21:00 UTC (4 p.m. ET). Gaining 0.35% over the previous 24 hours, which trading range was between $18,990 and $19,323.

2. According to the ChainNews, the decentralized trading protocol Bancor (BNT) TVL (chain lock-up volume) exceeded 100 million US dollars. The Bancor team tweeted that the increase stemmed from the provision of single-asset exposure, impermanent loss insurance and BNT token liquidity mining for liquidity providers. At the same time, Bancor announced on Twitter the community roadmap for this month, and will work to 1) reduce the gas consumption of token exchanges (up to 40%); 2) increase the limit of insurance levels; 3) BNT token liquidity mining Activation/front end (launched in December); 4) New tokens are added to liquidity mining; 5) Administrator fees; 6) Cross-chain development.

3. On December 14, according to OKLink data from OKLink, at 6:44 today, the Bitcoin network ushered in a difficulty adjustment at block height 661248, and the difficulty of mining was reduced by 2.54% to 18.67 T. The current number of unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions is approximately 3,556. Affected by currency price and computing power, the average block generation time in the past week is about 10.11 minutes.


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