DeFi Daily News,August 18th, 2020

1.Bitcoin made a major gain Monday while investors have locked over $6 billion in crypto into various DeFi services. Bitcoin (BTC) trading around $12,332 as of 20:00 UTC (4 p.m. ET). Gaining 4.1% over the previous 24 hours. It’s 24-hour range: $11,774-$12,485.

2. According to the Carbon Chain Value Report, the digital currency interest-bearing wallet announced to increase the annual interest rate of stable coins, including: 1. Increase the annual interest rate of bitcoin deposits from 4.5% to 6%; 2. Increase the stable coins PAX and USDT The annual interest rate has increased from the current 7% to 12%. This move will put ahead of other market leaders, including BlockFi and Celsius, which currently offer annual interest rates of 8.6% and 8.69% for PAX and USDT.

3. Uniswap is a distributed financial model on Ethereum. Anyone can use this model to establish a trading pair and an initial trading pool between two trading products on Ethereum. After this trading pool is established, anyone can provide more liquidity to this trading pool. Any trading user can trade against this trading pool. Three thousandths of each transaction are contributed to the trading pool as a commission, and the accumulated trading commission income generated by the transaction will be distributed to the liquidity provider.


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