DeFi Daily News,August 12th, 2020

1. Chain news, the Yam Finance of DeFi item distributed the first token at 3 a.m. on August 6th, and there are 2 million initial tokens equally to 8 pledge pools, each pool is 250,000 for seven days. The eight pledge pools are COMP、LEND、LINK、MKR、SNX、WETH、YFI and ETH/APML Uniswap v2LP tokens, respectively. Seven days later, At 3:00 a. M. On August 13, a second allocation will be made through the YAM /yCRV Uniswap pool (3 million), In the first week ,1.5 million will be allocated, this has since been reduced by 50% per week. According to The Block statistics, less than an hour after Yam Finance started the assignment, Liquid miners deposit $76 million worth of tokens into the project’s pledge pool.

2. Bitcoiners have quickly mobilized to raise relief funds following an explosion that wreaked havoc in Beirut last week. The campaign comes as the Lebanese banking system remains in crisis. So far, thousands of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin have been raised. Another non-profit organization Kilna Ya3ne Kilna is also crowdfunding through Bitcoin to carry out relief efforts to provide food and hygiene supplies to families in need.

3. Preparation before mining:

Prepare a decentralized wallet

Gas concept, knowing when Gas is cheaper

Exchange cheap, stable currency

WETH and WBTC exchange

Deal with coins in DeFi mining


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