DeFi Daily News,August 21st, 2020

1. According to the Chainnews, Binance pledged mining platform officially launched 7-day and 30-day BNB DeFi mining products. According to the announcement, the BNB DeFi mining product launched this time will be used to participate in KAVA mining. Among them, the 30-day BNB DeFi mining product has an annualized rate of return of 25%. The pledged mining service launched on Binance Mining Pool aims to lower user entry barriers and provide more convenience and advantages for encrypted asset users and miners.

2.Stablecoin issuer Tether shifted 1 billion in USDT from the Tron blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain in an early morning chain swap Thursday.

3. If you want to build a DeFi ecosystem, at least the following 4 points need to be met:

a) Precipitation of asset types

b) Stable performance, low transfer fees (at least better than Ethereum)

c) Decentralization, trusted by developers and users

d) Has a wealth effect (like 1C0, DeFi’s wealth effect attracts investors)


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